What Leaders are saying about Dustin Rhoades and Dumb Tax

In sports and business, building a winning team and culture requires the difficult task of selecting the right
members to join the organization. It only takes one member with enough influence to create or destroy an
organization's productivity. Dustin's book Dumb Tax gives professionals in any field and company size the tools
necessary to select the best hires for the company's objectives and culture. It goes beyond resumes and someone
looking and sounding the part in interviews. Before hiring anyone, read Dumb Tax, and apply its practical
techniques and methods that equip entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, general managers, business executives, human
resource departments, and anyone else in a hiring position with sufficient knowledge, understanding, and
execution of the simple science to making the right hire.

Derek Cox, Former NFL Player, and MBA UCLA Anderson

I've been in the window and door manufacturing and installation business for thirty-five years. Dustin Rhoades
is a proven leader in the remodeling business, and more importantly, he excels at character when I'm afraid
it is too often a forgotten and overlooked trait. In Dumb Tax, Dustin continues to impress me as a writer and a
leader, this book reminds us why making the right hire is business critical to any organization's future

Earl Rahn, President of New South Window Solutions: Florida/South Carolina/Texas/Louisiana

We live in a time when waiters do not want to wait on tables, plumbers do not want to plumb, and salespeople
do not want to sell; we live in the age of mediocrity. What it takes to be great in this world is to be a half step
better than the person next to you. With a consistently followed system, you can find success that is uncommon in
today's world. I have been in the home improvement industry for twenty-five years, and Dustin Rhoades is a
man with a plan who works it. He has honed the skills of team building and sales to a fine point using the
scientific method. In the process, he built businesses that dominated the competition. Further, in a
business climate where shortcuts and sleight-of-hand is commonplace, he has done it without compromising his
core principles of honesty and fairness. Perhaps most importantly, he has created lasting and meaningful
relationships, and I am grateful to call him my friend.

Matt Colligan, CEO of HomePride: Serving The state of Colorado/ Sacramento, CA

If there's one thing I understand after forty-five-plus years in the remodeling industry, it is how valuable your
employees are to the success of your organization. As owners and managers, we invite new people into our
work family, and maintaining a strong culture is a significant key to our success. One bad hire can destroy that
culture. As a previous employee, Dustin had always impressed me with his techniques. He has now created a
system to help businesses understand the costly mistake of not protecting this key to their success. You will love
this book!

Paul Birner, President of the Birner Group: St. Louis/Southwest MO/Greater Memphis/Southern/Louisiana/Greater Arkansas