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What is Dumb Tax? 

Dumb Tax is the cost you pay for bad business decisions.

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Stop paying Dumb Tax!!!! This book, resources, and course will help you and your business keep profits instead of wasting them on bad hires.  

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About Dumb Tax:

The Dumb Tax series of workbooks dismantles some of the most common mistakes business owners and managers make and exposes how the little mistakes can cost big money or Dumb Tax. In Find Your Why For Hiring, Rhoades teaches the process and methodology he created to build wildly successful teams of salespeople and make hundreds of millions of dollars for national and regional companies.

The principles taught in this book are universal. They are pertinent to many types of business, non-profits, academic, religious, and private organizations and will help the reader more deeply understand their organization and why change is needed. Using the scientific method, Rhoades gives readers the processes and methodology to build superior culture and increase market share. In the end, the reader will use real-world facts and figures from their organization to prove how much money may be circling the drain.



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Stop Paying Dumb Tax

Learn from the industry's top sales leader... Neurolinguistic Sales training of 2023 by Dustin Rhoades


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Dustin Rhoades

Over 20 years in Leadership and Sales Management, Dustin is a trainer, keynote speaker, and business coach ranging from start-ups to revamping underperforming markets to double-digit growth, with the top 5 remodelers in the nation who collectively do over one billion dollars annually. Dustin's focus has always been on culture, process, systems, and reverse engineering, "The why" behind every challenge.

Hello and welcome to the Neurolinguistic sales process; After 20 years in the sales and leadership industry, I will use this site will help you work on mastery in the Sales process; we will teach:
Body Language 
Inspection best practices 
modeling and anchoring in the sales process
Closing techniques
color code
head set 
Managing behaviors 
getting to the root of an objection 

Coming soon Management courses:
Capacity Management 
Managing KPIs 
CSI's for your teams 
The manager in the middle 
Managing marketing expense 
Proximity Marketing 
Inventory Management 
process maps
AR management
plus many more, visit us @dumbtax.org

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